Mother’s Love Calendula Set


The perfect gift for yourself or any new mom

  • Made entirely with a rich infusion of the healing Calendula Flowers through natural oils, waxes and butters chosen in particular for babies’ skins
  • Calendula is perfect for the delicate skin of babies – and more so healing and soothing for any type of skin inflammation including eczema or nappy rash

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  • Calendula Body/Baby Butter  (125ml)-  with wonderful barrier function and effective against any kind of skin inflammation or rash – perfect as a Bum Butter
  • Calendula Baby Massage Oil (50ml) – soothing for the skin and entire nervous system, you can also put a few drops in baby’s bath for extra moisturisation
  • Mum’s Calendula Nipple Balm (28ml) – an effective healing and soothing balm for cracked and aching nipples – so valuable for a happy early feeding experience
  • Natural Yogi Camilyang deodorant (30g) – a gentle, non-toxic deodorant for mum


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