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The connection between antiperspirants and breast cancer

Over the years we have heard whispers about links being found between antiperspirants and breast cancer. Here is a little summary of the position to date as well as Natural Yogi’s approach to deodorant.

Aluminium cloride is the active ingredient in the majority of commercial deodorants. It works by clogging the pores to inhibit perspiration. Aluminium chloride has been found to trigger the development of tumors in breast cells in vitro (in a testube) as well as in experiments with mice (see article below for studies). But as yet, the official stance of regulatory bodies and experts in the field of breast cancer is that there is no proof that aluminium chloride contributes to breast cancer in any way.

See more about the studies here.

Natural Yogi’s position in this debate as follows is quite simple: whether or not  aluminium chloride is proven to contribute to breast cancer, perspiration is about the elimination of toxins and we all know that it is in toxic environments that infection, illness and cancer thrives. If we block the natural elimination of toxins at our armpits then we cause a build up of toxins in the lymphatic tissue that leads right into the breast tissue.

Natural Yogi deodorant does not block your pores to inhibit perspiration and the release of toxins. Rather, it absorbs odour and creates a PH-environment that is not conducive to odour-causing microbes. Made from the most simple and natural ingredients of Bicarbonate of Soda in a base of natural oils and waxes, what is incredible about the deodorant is the way that it really works! You simply spread a pea-sized amount under your armpits and you are good to go for the next 24 hours or so or until your next bath or shower. With ingredients that have health-giving qualities and its soothing-frosty texture, it feels great to use. Read more about the health-giving qualities of its ingredients here.

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