The body is at the heart of our Natural Yogi experience.

It is through our bodies that we feel and experience this world.

Natural Yogi is about awakening our full, lived experience. Clearing the pathways within we come more fully into the world around us, to take in its gifts and its beauties.

It is the yoga practice, the dance, or the run or the hike – that warms us gently into feeling, awakening and inviting us into the old and forgotten, the tight and stagnant parts of ourselves – to open the energy and breathe in the fresh, the energised and the new. As we work through the sometimes ancient and stale memories that we can hold in our bodies, we become more fresh, vibrant and present, in our whole sensual experience of the world around us.

And afterwards – it is the ritual of cleansing that takes us even deeper into our beings. It is allowing the hot water to soak into your muscles and pores and carry away the final traces of (toxins). It is about scrubbing away the dead cells, sleighing off the dead layers to bring us into clear contact with the world.

It is about having body care ingredients that are not only non-toxic and as simple and natural as possible, but are also chosen for their deeper healing effects, working synergistically on a few levels.  It is about soaking in the exquisite essences and qualities, the fresh purity and vitality of nature, right into our spirits. It is about being able to breathe in through our skins. It is about opening ourselves to the powerful healing qualities of natural ingredients, and it is about craftsmanship – finding the perfect blend for the purpose and it is about living life at a deep sensual, experiential level.

At Natural Yogi we take our time in developing new products. They get added to the range as we find the product that gives us that aha moment! With regards to our body care, aside for our exquisite Natural Yogi Deodorant, we have our Frankencense Breast and Chest Massage Oil that form the perfect accompaniment to our deodorant – drawing on the healing qualities of natural ingredients as well as the superb practice of breast massage to enhance our breast health.

See also our Body Butters and Balms that are made with entirely with only natural oils and butters and with specialised natural extracts – and also our Vetiver Scrubs – our only product that we bring in from elsewhere – because they are so cool – in this case all the way from India.

Or simply get our full natural yogi experience for R825