Conceived and produced in Cape Town, South Africa, Natural Yogi Deodorant, like other Natural Yogi products was designed by a yoga teacher with the thought of:

What would we like to take into our beings after a yoga class, or a run or a hike – after we have just cleared the toxins and opened our beings?

Creator, Nadia, discovered the formula when, on being concerned about what she was introducing at the sensitive, glandular area of the armpit, and having come across studies linking the aluminium used in commercial varieties to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, she went in search for an alternative.

Whether the studies that link the aluminium used in antiperspirants to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease be accurate or not, for Nadia it was clear that the mere fact of blocking our pores where toxins are excreted (as is the effect of the aluminium compounds in antiperspirants) leads to a buildup of toxins in the lymph that connects back to our mammary tissue. With the understanding that it is in toxic environments that disease thrives, the importance of using a deodorant that does not inhibit perspiration to allow for the constant clearing of toxins becomes obvious.

Made with only the most simple and natural ingredients – bicarbonate of soda and other natural oils, essential oils and waxes – the most incredible thing about Natural Yogi Deodorant is that – It Works!

You simply take a bit of the frosty gel-like paste with your finger and smear it under your armpit – and you are good to go for 24 hours or so – or till your next bath or shower.

It’s a bit of a different approach to using deodorant but it will soon feel natural and you won’t look back.

Unlike antiperspirants, Natural Yogi Deodorant does not block your pores. Rather it acts to neutralise odour. It does this by absorbing odour – and also creating an environment that is not conducive to the odour-causing microbes that grow in perspiration – all while offering refreshing hints of the natural essential oils. Knowing its harmlessness and the – even – health-giving values of the ingredients (you can read more about these under healing qualities of ingredients), it feels great to use.

Offered in delightful little glass jars, it comes in six essential oil variations: Musky Citrus, Cedar Lime, Camilyang, Julip, Vetivert and Frankinsence as well a now a new Sensistive Skin – no bicarb formula. Each scent is formulated for its interesting off-key notes and to cover the range from masculine to feminine and sweet to spicy and tart.

The little jars are stylish, super convenient and handy. If you plan on popping one into your hand or sports bag though, remember to Twist Tight! With our emphasis on finding sustainable solutions to packaging, Natural Yogi Deodorant also comes in compostable refill packs.

See below for consumer reviews and more about the refill packs and how to use them.



Our larger 50g deo jar



No Bicarb/Sensitive Skin Deo



Pink Facial Set



Pink Facial Set

More than merely being about creating fantastic health-promoting body care products, Natural Yogi is also about finding sustainable – no waste – solutions to packaging. Natural Yogi Deodorant also comes in Natural Yogi’s characteristic biodegradable refill packet.

With Natural Yogi’s revolutionary idea of including the labels with the refill, you can re-use any existing packaging to create your own beautiful deodorant container – and simply throw your compostable packaging into your compost.

Our new 50g Jar and Refill

How to use a Natural Yogi refill

A note on safety of use.

Natural Yogi Deodorant has been used extensively by many who speak only of its gentle effectiveness. The ingredients are essentially harmless – one could in fact safely eat them – including the essential oils at their high levels of dilution. At the same time irritation, due to a personal reaction to one or two of the ingredients – perhaps even the particular essential oil – can occur. About 4% of people react to the bicarbonate of soda. If you find any sort of irritation, discontinue use for a while. You can try the no-bicarb/sensitive skin variety. Some people find that they react to the bicarb only at times of very high stress as stress can change the chemistry of the skin. So if you suddenly find the product irritating it may be a case of needing to change to the sensitive skin variety until your body finds its balance again.

In general we are confident about the safety of this product as it has been used by 1000’s of people for many years running. There are also those who report that they react even to the sensitive skin varieties of commercial deodorant but have no problem with Natural Yogi deodorant.

Some who use this product talk about undergoing a period of detoxification from pore-clogging antiperspirants, where what would seem to be a reaction to natural yogi deodorant is in fact the process of the body eliminating the toxins that have been stuck in the pores. Though this has not been verified it could be entertained as a possibility.

If you suspect this to be the case, try to hold off from using deodorant (any) for a while to allow your pores to detox and declog. Some have also spoken of the power of an armpit clay mask to aid with the detoxification process. Eventually try your natural yogi deodorant again.

Though there are those that claim to have no problem with using natural yogi deodorant directly after shaving, others may find it irritating. Its individual. Gently see what works for you.

Enjoy! and please write to with any comments, concerns or feedback. Like our facebook page for exciting updates. We love to hear from you.

A few reviews of natural yogi deodorant. Do add your own below.

“I tend to react to commercial deodorants. Just a month ago I was using bactroban & then quarter zone cream as my underarms were so sensitive and full of rashes & itches – even though I was using deodorant for sensitive skin. But since I have been using natural yogi deo I have not had to use any bactro & quaterzone! I love the smell and find the application user friendly. By last weekend though I had finished my natural yogi deo and proceeded to have a hectic drumming workout… My underarms became smelly for the first time in a month and I quickly used my commercial deo spray. Oh dear, it’s now two days later and I am so itchy under my arms again I have had to use bactroban. So THANK YOU for the delight of your natural yogi deo!” Jane (Pilates and fitness instructor)

“Natural yogi has changed the way I feel about summer! On a trip to Europe I used it for the first few days until my tub ran out and then had to use normal deodorant and the difference is unbelievable. Felt so much fresher with natural yogi. Love it!” Lara

“This stuff…is the best deo ever… did a full on trial. I love it!!” Davina

“I have used this natural deodorant on the hottest of days, and it never lets me down. I am happy I’ve found a healthy, locally made alternative to the chemical-laden spray cans. It really works.” Nikki

“I am a Natural Yogi deodorant fan! Being a Group Exercise Instructor, sometimes doing 4 to 5 classes in one day, at the end of the day I still smell fresh. I apply only once in the morning. Not washing underarms whilst showering, there is no need. And you do not want to wash the amazing deodorant off! Applying with underarm hair is not a problem. It melts quickly once you rub it into the skin, your hair does not interfere with the process. I am currently trying all the sents and none of the smell “girly” after application. Amazing Product 10/10!!” Ryno (Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor)

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  1. I have been using this product exclusively for 5 years now and I decided to start marketing it because it is simply so amazing – because I felt – the world just has to have it.

    1. I agree! It is a lovely product and I smell so great too!

  2. Just picked some up at Yo Yoga studio and tried it this morning , I absolutely love the fresh scent and also the consistency felt great even though its something I am new to , somehow it just felt RIGHT rubbing it under my arms . Ive always wanted to switch over to a natural deodorant and I have tried others but they are so expensive and some still didn’t work ! Thank you so much for this amazing product I am going to recommend it to everyone I know !

  3. Amazing website !!!
    Can’t wait yo tray on your deodorant Nadia, Thank you !!!
    See you soon


  4. Hi Nadia
    I would love to stock this product in my yoga studio. Please let me know if this is possible. If so, what would the procedure be. I’m in Sunningdale and noticed that there are no stockists here. I need some for a gift by Thursday!

  5. Good day Nadia. Where can I get the natural you I deodarents in Johannesburg.

  6. Hi there, I have just purchased the Musky Citrus deodorant and just need some clarity about the ‘hint of tobacco’. Could you please tell me what the source is or is this just the smell note from the bitter orange? Thank you

  7. Hi there, I’d love to buy some refills, I’m based in noordhoek, are you still stocking suppliers? Thanks

  8. Hi There,

    I was wondering about your price list and wanted to enquire if you allow businesses to resell your items.

    Thank you,
    Devon McArthur.

  9. Good morning

    I trust you are well. I am a Doula and also run antenatal and postnatal classes in JHB south. Would you be at all interested in sending us some product samples or a hamper and brochures for our mommies?

    I look forward to your response.


  10. I am looking on faithful to nature site for the NO BICARB Natural Yogi Deo. `Phoned them and they said that it is not in stock anymore.
    How can I purchase this product. Can I buy directly from you
    I cannot do the bicarb. After 3 years with different deos i found the bicarb free Natural yogi and it works. Now i cannot buy it

    Please help

  11. Good day
    I received a sample of the Natural Yogi Deodorant from faithful2nature and was very impressed. So with my next order I ordered the Julip deo. I have found it to be very gritty and lumpy with clots of bicarb and have not found it pleasant to use. Is it supposed to feel like this? I recall the sample being more smooth. I need to order some more but don’t want to do so if this gritty texture is the norm.
    Kind Regards

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